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Real1 Real2

This operation is used to designate the dependent and independent column in the statistics data. Real1 specifies the column which contains the independent variable and Real2 specifies the column which contain the dependent variable.

This information is used in other operations like CORR, COV and LR. The information is stored as a list in a variable called ∑PAR. If the ∑PAR variable does not exist, it will be created. A list with value { Real1, Real2, 0, 0 } will be stored in the list. If ∑PAR does exist, it must contain a list with four real values. The first two values in the list are replaced with Real1 and Real2. The third and fourth real values in the list are preserved.

There is no validation that the real values pulled from the stack and stored in ∑PAR are valid values. Values should be whole numbers greater than or equal to one and less than or equal to the number of columns in the ∑DAT real matrix. Invalid values will be detected when the ∑PAR variable is used in the CORR, COV or LR operations.