Major Website Update and Halcyon Calc 1.6 Coming

We have just completed a major update to our website which should make it much more usable from iOS devices. Now, when you visit the site from your iPhone or other iOS device, you should see a mobile optimized site. Since the primary source of documentation is the website, this should make it much easier to find the information you need right from your device.

Also, we are hard at work on Halcyon Calc v1.6. The confirmed features/fixes in v1.6 are:

  • Much improved appearance and a complete refresh of all graphic elements.
  • Retina iPad support
  • iPhone 5 support, taking advantage of the larger screen.
  • Reduced the volume of the key click to approximate the volume of the click of the iOS keyboard.
  • Pressing "Help" will now bring up an embedded browser so you don't need to leave the app to review something in the documentation.

We also have some features we hope to include in v1.6, like:

  • Landscape iPad support, displaying all buttons on the screen without any scrolling.
  • In-app purchase support allowing people who have downloaded the free version to add individual features from the paid app like programming support, directory support and a larger display.

As you can see v1.6 is turning into a UI focused release. As our poll indicates, the top requested feature not yet in the calculator is unit conversions and that will have to wait for v1.7. We do hope to deliver v1.7 within a couple of months of v1.6 so more calculator features should come early in the new year also.

If you would like to help out and become a beta tester for us, send an email to asking to join the beta test team. We would appreciate your help in delivering these updates. Thanks.