Halcyon Calc for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Halcyon Touch Software is proud to announce that Halcyon Calc is now available from the iPhone App Store. Halcyon Calc is the premier scientific calculator for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms. Among its key features are complex number support, symbolic expressions, simple programming support and graphing of expressions. Scientists, engineers. students or anyone working with numbers regularly will enjoy the power of Halcyon Calc. Buy it today on the App Store. Not sure it is for you? Try Halcyon Calc Lite, our free version or watch our demo video.

  • Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)
  • Real, integer and complex numbers
  • Real and complex matrices and vectors
  • Evaluate symbolic expressions
  • Plotting of symbolic expressions
  • Root, max and min searching
  • Find derivates and numeric integrals of expressions
  • Decimal, hex, octal and binary numbers
  • Over 225 built-in operations
  • Perform unit conversions using 120 built-in units or define your own
  • Simple programming support to create your own operations
  • Analyze statistical data