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Halcyon Calc

The premier scientific RPN calculator for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Features real, integer and complex number support, a full set of trig and logarithm functions, simple programmability and the ability to create and evaluate equations for different values of variables. Buy it today on the iPhone App Store. Or download Halcyon Calc Lite, our free version. Check out our demo video to see Halcyon Calc in action.


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  • Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) input.
  • Dynamic UI where you can swipe buttons to the left and right to reveal more operations, scroll through the stack quickly with your finger and copy and paste the results on the stack with a double tap.
  • A complete set of functions for manipulating the stack, including the ability to undo the last operation and to retrieve the arguments to the last operation.
  • Real number and complex number support. Complex numbers are entered and interpreted in rectangular coordinates and not polar form, although a rectangular complex number can be converted to its corresponding polar notation and back again.
  • Real and complex numbers are output in standard, fixed, scientific or engineering notation
  • A complete set of trigonometry, logarithm, real and complex functions.
  • Integer number support, with decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary input and output formats.
  • A complete set of bitwise manipulation functions including shifts, rotates, and, or, xor and not
  • Enter and operate on real or complex matrices and vectors. Basic operations like add, subtract, multiple, divide and inverse are supported along with operations like determinant, dot product and cross product.
  • Store real, complex or integer values into named symbols and perform operations on those stored symbols.
  • Build expressions from numbers, symbols and operations and store those expressions into named variables. Expressions can be evaluated for different values of its variables.
  • Isolate symbols in an expression, solve quadratic expressions and even find roots of symbols in an expression.
  • Plot expressions on X/Y coordinate space and rotate the device to landscape orientation to get a full screen plot.
  • Determine derivatives, Taylor series expansions and numeric integrals of expressions.
  • Manipulate strings of characters and lists of numbers, symbols, expressions or even other lists.
  • Combine numbers and other operations into simple programs which allows you to create your own custom operations. Use these custom operations in your expressions along side built-in trig functions etc. Program support is an in-app purchase in the free app.
  • Perform unit conversion using linear combinations of 120 built-in units or even define your own units. Unit conversion is an in-app purchase in the free app.
  • Store statistical data, add new samples to that data and calculate means, standard deviations, correlations, and linear regressions of that data.